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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as of Monday, March 23, 2020, Diagnostic Pain Center has temporarily converted to a Telemedicine (video conference) practice.  In the interest of the safety of our patients, staff, and providers, we have temporarily closed both of our physical offices until it is safe to resume operations.  The following is a list of mandatory requirements for all patients to follow:

  1. All appointments will be via TELEMEDICINE (video conference). This will allow you to engage in a video call with your usual provider while remaining in the comfort & safety of your own home. The Telemedicine system is extremely simple for patients.  If you already have a scheduled appointment with DPC, the appointment will be converted to a Telemedicine appointment.  If you need to schedule a telemedicine appointment, login to the portal and select “Request Appointment” (or you can select “appointments”, then select “schedule new”).  From there, you select your provider and continue with the process to choose a date/time.  Once the appointment is made, you will receive an email with a link.  If you don’t, check your spam folder and/or look in the patient portal for a link/confirmation (select “appointments”, then select “upcoming”).  If you still haven’t registered for the patient portal, please see #3 for full instructions (you absolutely MUST register for the portal).  You will need to follow the link and install any necessary software/apps to be able to get fully logged on.  We also ask that you fill out the “forms” that will appear in the patient portal prior to any given Telemedicine visit (click on “forms” at the top to see if any have been assigned for you to fill out).
  2. All procedures at Diagnostic Pain Center are postponed indefinitely.  This is in line with expert recommendations and is in the interest of the safety of our patients & staff.  We look forward to resuming procedures as soon as it is safe to do so.
  3. GET ACCESS TO OUR PATIENT PORTAL IMMEDIATELY. This will allow you to have a direct line of communication with your provider – including the ability to send message/questions directly to your provider.  It will be the ONLY way to be able to send messages to providers.  If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency room.  You can register for the portal by clicking HERE: REGISTER FOR PATIENT PORTAL.  Remember, you FIRST need to “register” (bottom right button). It will then send you an email with a link to finish setting up your account. This requires confirmation that we have your correct Email address, Date of Birth, and proper spelling of your first & last name.  If you are unable to successfully register for the patient portal, CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT OUR ONLINE ASSISTANCE FORM.  Someone from the office will reach back out to you to confirm the information has been corrected/added.  If you do not have an email account, go to and sign up for one for free.
  4. PATIENTS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS*. This is because we don’t have the staffing capability to do them at this time. Contact your pharmacy to get the necessary information to obtain your prior authorization.  Your insurance will walk you through the process.  Please note that performing prior authorizations is not a mandate of a medical practice but rather a service that we have provided our patients in the past in efforts to assist with optimization of patient care.  Many offices don’t do them for patients, and many other practices charge a fee for this service.  I believe that we should – but right now we can’t. At this time, and until further notice given the circumstance, we simply cannot accommodate this burden and must pass it to the patients.  Note that not all prior authorizations are approved by insurances.  *We understand that there may be circumstances where a PA cannot be accomplished by patients and/or questions arise.  If you’re having trouble, cannot do it, and/or need help, please send us a message through the patient portal.  We will be happy to help you with it to the best of our ability and capacity.  We understand that this is very scary for many of you.
  5. Non-patient needs such as records requests or general questions: Because we are not in the office, incoming calls will not be answered.  If you need to us,   CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT OUR ONLINE ASSISTANCE FORM, and we will call you back.
  6. As of now, we are not accepting new patients. We will be scheduling new patient consultations once again as soon as possible.

Pain Management Doctors in Austin, Texas

Pain Management in Austin

At the Diagnostic Pain Center, we take a multidisciplinary approach to treating pain disorders. We are committed to helping make your life as pain-free as possible through advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and medical treatment services.  With the emphasis on diagnostic pain management, we focus on diagnosing and treating the cause of your pain, not just putting a Band-Aid over the problem.

Robert S. Marks, M.D., Sauman A. Rafii, M.D., & Ivan N. Chew, M.D.

We are a multi-physician, private practice specializing in the diagnosis & treatment of acute and chronic pain. Robert S. Marks, M.D., Sauman A. Rafii, M.D., and Ivan N. Chew, M.D. are highly trained medical pain professionals who are passionate about helping patients restore their quality of life through the effective control and elimination of their pain problems.

Dr. Marks is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in both Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. He graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch.  He then spent over two years in General Surgery training, providing him with tremendous insight into the composition of the human body and the complex structure of the nervous system.  He subsequently completed his residency in Anesthesiology as well as his fellowship in Pain Management at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, one of the top five Pain Management fellowships in the country.  He is fully trained in both interventional and non-interventional techniques. This, combined with his dedication to staying at the forefront of new medical research, affords Dr. Marks a deeper understanding of the myriad of pain conditions and their causes.

Dr. Rafii is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.  He completed a combined 6 year B.S/M.D program through Kent State University and the Northeast Ohio Medical University.  He then went on to complete his residency in Anesthesiology at New York University, which has been consistently ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top hospitals in the nation.  Furthermore, his Pain Medicine fellowship was completed at the Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain at New York University, which has been awarded the coveted Center of Excellence by the American Pain Society.

Dr. Chew is a board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in Anesthesiology, with specialty fellowship training in pain medicine. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California. He completed his medical school training at the University of Texas at Houston McGovern Medical School and his Anesthesiology residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. He finished his sub-specialty fellowship training in Pain Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, one of the nation’s premier Interventional Pain Medicine programs. His passion for Pain Medicine stems from his desire to help people improve the quality of their lives. He advocates for a multi-disciplinary approach to Pain Management, including multi-modal analgesic therapy, minimally invasive interventions & procedures, physical therapy and complementary alternative medicine.

Diagnostic Pain Management

The classic practice of pain management focuses primarily on treating a patient’s symptoms, frequently with a myriad of treatment modalities such as medications and injections.  While these are treatments that we may offer as they maybe reasonable for our patients, such a concept of treatment is only a part of the big picture.  By instead focusing on Diagnostic Pain Management, our physicians diligently to help determine the root cause of the pain – not not just ways to mask the symptoms.  Once a diagnosis is established through a comprehensive history, physical exam, and review of imaging/studies, the focus is turned to working together with our patients to establish the best course of treatment.   This oftentimes means that you maybe referred to a neurologist, rheumatologist, oncologist, surgeon, et cetera.  Ultimately, with a focus on Diagnostic Pain Management, we strive to help our patients diagnose and fix the cause of the problem.

The Burden of Pain

At the Diagnostic Pain Center, we understand the physical and emotional toll that pain can take on one’s life. Conditions like chronic back and neck pain can have a profound effect on just about every aspect of your life, including your mental well-being. Pain can interfere with your ability to work, sleep, exercise and enjoy daily activities with your loved ones.

At our clinic, we treat the whole patient, rather than just the symptoms. We offer a variety of safe and effective therapies including:

Personalized Treatment in a Caring Environment

Dr. Marks, Dr. Rafii, & Dr. Chew will take the time necessary to listen and personally work with you one-on-one to understand the root cause of your pain. Our diagnostic philosophy is to invest the necessary time to first understand the root cause of the pain prior to simply enlisting treatments. At your consultation, your doctor will discuss your medical history and perform an extensive clinical examination to assess your ailment. As our name implies, we offer the most advanced diagnostic procedures to get to the source of your painful symptoms yielding the most effective treatment.

After your examination results and symptoms have been thoroughly assessed, your doctor will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on those findings. Developing your treatment strategy is a collaborative process that takes your individual lifestyle into consideration. You are always the most integral part of the decision-making process. With your input and our extensive experience, our team of medical professionals will yield the most effective treatment possible.

We strive to create a supportive and caring environment at our practice so that every patient’s visit is enjoyable and informative. Our team of professionals is very positive and passionate about working to get you feeling comfortable again and back to enjoying the activities that you once did.

Schedule a Consultation at the Diagnostic Pain Center in Austin

Are you ready to take control over your pain and take back the life you enjoy? For years, The Diagnostic Pain Center has been successfully helping Austin patients successfully manage and oftentimes eradicate their back, neck and general pain problems. We would love the opportunity to help you live a happier, more productive and pain free life. Give us a call today at 512-981-7246 or request an appointment online to get started.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Yes. Acute and chronic pain, ranging from uncomfortable and inconvenient to excruciating and debilitating, can all benefit from a Diagnostic Pain Center evaluation and treatment plan.


Read what our patients are saying. We invite you to read our testimonials both here and on our Facebook page.

Enhancing Quality of Life

With most medical specialties focused on increasing the quantity of life, Diagnostic Pain Center prides itself on enhancing patients’ quality of life. Let us help you to live better again! We successfully integrate various diagnostic tools with the most advanced treatment options available.

The DPC Difference:

  • All patients are seen & evaluated by Dr. MarksDr. Rafii, or Dr. Chew
  • Safety: Ultrasound and fluoroscopic guided procedures
  • Accessibility: When you are in pain, we will make every effort to see you by the following business day.
  • Cost-conscious and ethical care
  • Fellowship trained, double-board certified medical doctors
  • Two convenient locations
  • Patient testimonials
I am a physician who was involved an a motor vehicle accident. I saw Dr. Marks for diagnosing and treatment of the injury. I must say that he is one of the best physicians I have ever been to see, or have known professionally. He truly cares about his patients and the impact of their injury, or, pain on their every day life. He took time to listen to me, really listen! I was appropriately diagnosed and treated. I had facet injections that were done without pain and they worked! He has an excellent, caring, and professional staff. The wait time is very short, yet if you need extra time that day he will not rush you and will respond with compassion to your need that day.If you need a DR. to help you with or pain, he is the one!!! I can tell you he is a rare gem in the field of medicine. Do not hesitate to see Dr. Marks. You can count yourself lucky to become one of his patients!!!
Dr. Marks was knowledgable, helpful, and most of all he LISTENS! He will get to the root of your problem, and work from there. Not many doctors care to dig that deep, he does. I recommend him to anyone who has pain issues, and wants a resolution. He WILL listen, he WILL ask questions, he WILL help. In my opinion one of the best doctors in Austin.
Dr. Marks is an amazing doctor. I came to him with chronic back pain, and he has done amazing things. He knows all the latest pain management techniques, and he's really understanding. When no one knew why I was hurting, he figured it out by getting me to take a weight bearing MRI. No one else believed me. Turns out I needed surgery, and Dr. Marks got me through everything with flying colors. If you're hurting, go see him. He's honest and interested in your well being and health, not lining his pockets. He won't put you on a treatment he doesn't believe will help you, and he will always listen. I can't rate him highly enough!
Dr. Marks and the entire staff are the salt of the earth. I've been in a constant state of revolving doctors since a pretty severe back injury when I was 14. I am 34 now, and for maybe only the second time in all those years, I have comfort and trust with my doc - 100 percent. He isn't a pill pusher and provides procedures to try to rectify my issues; he also isn't one of those doctors that makes you feel guilty for needing medication either. A very balanced, caring, and intelligent doctor that truly has my best interests in mind. I can't say enough about Dr. Marks! Thanks doc!


    Diagnostic Pain Center

Our staff is compassionate and well-trained having many years of experience specifically with pain management.

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